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Sunday, 18 November 2018

How to Write a Motivation Letter For international Scholarships?



Motivation letter for scholarship has a crucial role in determining whether your application will be accepted or rejected. It can be regarded as an excellent opportunity that showcases your skills, knowledge, and talent prior to an interview.
Although it is not mandatory that you will have to write a motivation letter for every scholarship. Some universities may require and some simply don’t ask for it.


motivation letter for the scholarship represents your knowledge, plans, and passion for that particular opportunity. The purpose of such letters  is to explain:
  • Why are you considered as the good candidate for the scholarships?
  • What are your future plans, if you somehow get selected.
There will be a pool of application, and a review committee will choose the candidates whose motivation letter stands out and can be the potential for the institution in the future.


motivation letter should not be detailed, or comprehensive nor you required to exaggerate everything, rather it should be concise, practical. The ideal length of a motivation letter should be between 500-1000 words. Moreover, it should be in a paragraph and have good readability with zero grammatic mistakes. These are some factors your letter should  include the details about:
  • Your previous education:
  • Past working experience
  • Plans for the future


Scholarship letter should be split into three halves:
  • Introduction
  • Body paragraph
  • Conclusion or final verdict
The introductory para should be about your personal detail, education, degree program. Then you move for the first body paragraph explaining your work experience that can be paid ( job ) or unpaid (internships).
The second pars should be about the hopes for the scholarship and in the end, you must share your holistic plans.  You can also add some creative ideas you want to pursue after your education or extra education you want to continue. The conclusion should be based upon that why you are an ideal candidate for the job. One thing you should be sure about that, each of your line should be grammatically correct, avoid slang or colloquialisms, rather use a professional tone.


One should tailor the letter in such a way, that it emphasizes on a point that you are the perfect candidate for the opportunity. You must highlight the future plans or benefits you can offer to the scholarship provider. For instance, if you are writing a letter for a wildlife preservation authority your letter must have those steps written, you would likely choose for the preservation. Moreover, the specific experience in the industry counts a lot, and stand you out from the rest.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Top 6 Sleeping poses and their effects on personality

Top 6 sleeping poses and how they 
effects on personality
Top 5 sleeping poses and how they affects the Personality

the ways of sleeping reveals your attitude and personality as your body lying during sleeping  merely means that in which state you are in your life.
1.Sticking your knees out
If you are u nable to  fall asleep without sticking your knees out while  lying on your side, then you are a cool, relax  and reliable person. If you are habitual to face the hectic problems of your life with cool mind , and you’re not scared and alarmed about the wreckedness  of the future. You smile even on the most miserable summer soon, and can compromise and adjust  without temper to virtually any changes which occur in your daily routine.

2.The Fetal position 
If you are used to sleep in the fetal position,  this  sleeping position reveals that you  feel the need to be safeguarded, Helped  and sympathised with. By curling up your body in such a way that you grab your body inward on the bed , you try your best to get rid  off from the problems you takle in your daily morning to eve  around you. The perfect solution  for your talents and potential would be to drawa and brush portraits ,jumps  to dance, or shoot a video.

3.Lying on your Stomach
                               If you sleep lying on your stomach with your legs and hands  sticking towards out, then you are a king or a Ruler. You are reformer  and take the initiative, and make  orders in both your personal and professional life. You are a man of Principles . you have your Own life.  You usually  likes to  prefer to model adn sketch your ideology and orders   everything in advance and are not onone spot . You’re ability to persevere and sense of responsibility help you to achieve great success.

4.Lying On Your Back
If you are used to sleep lying on your back, then you are likely a positive person who loves life, you are  used to being at the centre of attention and loves good company. You work perfectly and persistently, but in a rational way, preferring to always tell the truth. People who sleep in this position often have very strong personalities.

4.Like a Soldier
If you used to sleep like in  soldier pose position in your nap or sleep while  lying using your back  with your arms on  your sides, then you’re probably a well-adjusted person, you  knows your  goals  in life and single-minded strives hard  to achieve them with sheer perfection. You do your work 100% efficient . You can be strict, less lenient pedantic and demanding, but you demand most from yourself above all.

5.Keeping One Leg Raised
If you used to  sleep be like a heron, keeping  one leg raised, such personality reveals the chances of  you have an unpredictable personality and nature  which is often drawn to all kinds of activities and adventures, whilst your mood can change so fast it can be confusing for those around you. Very often, you find it difficult to be decisive and make a choice. , you have a preference for calmmess relief and steadfastness and thoroughness.
And if you sleep in different poses rather than one, then that’s a sign that you have a multifaceted personality which has hidden depths not even you yourself fully comprehend yet.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

TOP 10 engineering universities in Pakistan in 2018

TOP 10 engineering universities in Pakistan in 2018

Pakistan resembles the best  Engineering universities in the world, which bears high ranking in the table, As Engineering discoveries in Pakistan, are less but the research is on the peak. Pakistan has the top researches in the fields of  Engineering as civil, Mechanical, Chemical, Industrial, mechatronics(in progress) and aerospace and satellite su=ystems launching in a few years.
Higher education commission has declared the top ranking of engineering universities in Pakistan in 2018.
It is necessory to know about the top ranking of the specific engineering universities to get admission I one of the best engineering universities to have a successful career In future in the varied fields .there are various fields of good and bright careers for those who are enrolled in or have completed their degrees from engineering universities.
As Pakistan consumes only a total of 0.33% of the total GDP on the engineering and research works in the fields of physics and chemistry.But Now Pakistan engineering council is working hard enough to improve the standar to bring the universities to the world class  standard to make new researches in all fields of engineering ot regulate the perfet profession in Pakistan
TOP 10  Engineering universities
Here are listed PEC registered  the top ten engineering universities in Pakistan, otherwise, there are an enormous number of private and government engineering institutes
1. Pakistan institute of engineering and Applied sciences, Islamabad

The PIEAS University is held in the vestiges of the beautiful countryside . it is recognized  for its federal administrated Public university  and devoted to higher education in  specific faculties of engineerings , Natural science   and formal subjects .IT also offers the undergraduate programs along with MS, MPhil, and Ph.D.
 In addition to the degree programs, PIEAS also offers specialized courses  for engineers, researchers and other professionals for their continuing professional to perform their development. 
2. National university of Science and Technology, Islamabad

The National University of Science is one of the tops ranked universities situated in sector H-12 Islamabad, The university includes about 20+ departments including engineering and nonengineering departments. It is the most popular university for engineering and has a top rank alos in the world about on 324th position in the world.
3. Ghulam Khan Institute of Engineering, science, and Technology, Topi

Ghulam Khan Institute of engineering and technology is from a private sector that was built by the Pakistani late president Ghulam Muhammad in 1970s. the GIKI offers a variety of courses  to the National and international students
4.  University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore

UET Lahore is situated in the north Lahore aside with a Great Trunk road(GT Road). UET Lahore offers different fields of engineering and science technologies. The faculty is renowned for its qualification and research.

5. University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila

UET Taxila is one of the very old engineering institutes in Pakistan and has a well standard of faculty and famous for research work.
UET Taxila  is known for its mechanical and civil engineering
6. Institute of Space and Technology Islamabad

7. University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar
UET Peshawar is recognized for its very well research word affiliated with PCSIR and PICHe in many research works. It has  been built in 1990 with only 4 departments and now it is offering 10+ fields in  engineering

8. Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro

Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro has a well-known standard in Sindh from where about 3500 students graduate every year and offer all engineering and non-engineering courses.
9. NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi

The NED institute is the oldest institute for teaching and turning graduate engineers. The Institute offers undergraduate programs in 25 engineering disciplines along with Architecture and Computer Science and Information Technology.  
10.           Air University of Engineering and Technology, Islamabad
Air University of science and technology situated Islamabad is the only  Federally chartered institutes and its headquarters is held in Islamabad. Air University is listed  In  the top universities in Pakistan
            The article will help you to find the best engineering university for you or your youngers for any level. The PEC recognized engineering universities have the best management and research facilities where  every new candidate ca learn his best and start a professional career
You can check the HEc ranking from TOP 10 Universities in HEC Ranking In Pakistan 2018

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

How to get trafffic on your website Through Quora in 2018

How to get traffic On your website through Quora

Everyone desires to get and grow traffic on his/her blog with a boost and get ranked in the search engine. So there is a tool named Quora, which can provide you the best platform to grow your traffic on your website through Quora to 100k in a week.
                          Quora is Q and A  platform where you can find the solution to every problem, every question and every new mind-blowers that provides the best guide for your project.
You have been creating traffic for your website or blog from different means like facebook, twitter, and Google+ etc, but you won’t have tried  Quora as the best media for your blog to get ranked and get maximum traffic free of cost.

How to get 100k traffic for your blog from Quora

                                                         If you are a blogger and used to write a couple of articles daily and don’t receive any traffic from SEO or any other platform, then you should know about the way how to grow your traffic from Quora .which is one of the best platform and the best site where you can question and answer others
I have started  using   quora  1,5  years before
Now if you have started your personal blog, your next step would be to grow traffic on it.and I have been published answers in Quora digest and I one of the famous from Quora Pakistans
 Everybody next goal to make popular your blog by getting new and unique traffic social media, or Different SEO techniques. But all in vain,
 So today you will surely follow me to grow unique 100k traffic on your website daily.

Although it consumes time, you will reach your destination and will get the fruitful results   

So Today we all discuss Quora Website as For Quora Answers Importance

I will teach you how to grow traffic on your blog to 100k through Quora, there are some features of quora that you are not using and they perfectly brings the audience to your blog.
The most interesting thing that I observed about Quora is that it not only gives you a high audience but also ranks your articles on search engines like Google and Yahoo.

The best way that I do is that I usually mention my blog post link in my Quora answer to the interested people that have eager to know about the related topic. So this techniques was very useful to me for a long time.

Now  you have to first read my previous article
 Here in the article, I had explained about how to generate 10k traffic on your answer on Quora, and then you will be able to apply that formula on your blog to grow your traffic to 100k.

Now let you are running a website and you used to mention your website link in a quora related answer and you get 1000 views on your Quora answer.
Now let be sure that only  70% read your full blog and only 15%   visits your blog post link, so you get 150 views for your blog post. it merely means that you get enough traffic free from your quota.

Now if you have 10k  views  on your Quora answer, then you surely get approximately 1500-2000 traffic for your blog post free

 The biggest advantage of quora traffic is that it makes your blog and article both ranked on Google platform, from where you get a high CPC  rate with your targeted keyword and more traffic too.
                                              more info you can get read to the article How to get traffic quickly on Quora

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

56 Ways To Get high Quality Internet Speed TIPS YOu need to learn Now

Wifi is one of the most advanced ways of World wide web for surfing in the modern world development _No Doubt that you can't be turned to your smartphone  all over the day for refreshing your Page  when you Humbly enjoy the slow-speed of  WiFi  
The Modern world is almost going to be Mad over there for the eager of the catching the high-quality speed of Wifi or internet
                      Today I will surely tell you the ways to get more suitable Internet at your home or Office place. that will surely help you in your works.
Factory Reset your Device First
        This is one of the best and first option to get your Phone or laptop  Free of Spams and Viruses because Viruses may harm your web pages and your surfing and search  Engines and software
Get a Direct Connection From Host 
             Sharing VLAN also make your internet Connections get very slow which also make hurdles in your Connection, my advice would be to have a direct connection for your office place and get and enjoy a well great speed of internet   for unlimited downloads
GET A 4G Connection
nowadays  many local networks are serving  one of the fastest connection named 4G in many cities of Pakistan almost all the major cities of the country
yeah, you can get a high speed in your home through a wifi high-speed router which surely transmits high-speed internet in your workplace or at your home.
Yes you can google for much well high speed and of high data services of internet packages Like Broadband and PTCL in Pakistan and  All over the world you can use the Following

  1. Charter Spectrum (Best overall) 
  2. Comcast XFINITY(Fastest Planes) 
  3. Optimum 
  4. Time Warner Cable
  5. Cox(Running behind 
You can also change the wifi router and get a new brand wifi router of good quality fo your best internet speed 
Get High Range Signals
yes you can get a  g=high range signals in your home for your better connections in your home through some DIY techniques and get more large range signals in your outside gallery or Garden etc 
Get a  High security for your Connections
Yes, you should be highly aware of the thieves who can anywhere catch your Wifi Signals and get a gun of your  Free wifi and can make some troubles in your  Internet Speed. 
Some Precautions 

  1. be sure that there is no dust on your wifi router
  2. keep changing your wifi password in a month 
  3. be careful with the quality of the router
  4. use good quality of connection wires
  5. Try to change the place for your router if it is not working properly
  6. you can hang your router on a high wall for good signals

so you may have such problems in your home or workplace wifi system and many more small problems which you can easily solve just by reading such small blogs for short trips because we are  here gonna help you in solving your many many other problems like this and many more 
if you have such many problems  in future you can easily e=visit my site  or you can comment in below section

Friday, 23 February 2018

How i Grow Up My Blog's traffic without SEO in India in 2018

How i Grow Up My Blog's traffic without SEO in India in 2018
Hey Good Morning, Today you may wanna start your day with new startup and Goals of your day and get more traffic on your website or on Youtube and your blogger.but you should know about the Search Engine Optimization(SEO).
So you guys surely have searched on the topics like Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and may not have gone the way to do so and get a  large traffic for your youtube or blogger.
                Now, and today I will surely deal you with the new Tactics which  if you apply you will get traffic and followers and subscribers as well

Social media- A Perfect Tool             
                             The best Support for your blogger is the social media. Go straight and make a page for your blog  if you want to increase your traffic and followers for your blog that will surely read your daily blogs  if you want to get a well organized and well-managed Blog for your special earnings 
               My special advice for you is to come on the main first page of google if you want to earn seriously from blog otherwise, you can Hide  the whole world beside the google first page because when the visitors come to search on google they used to have their data from the First page of Google where they can find easily find the data they want.

Page Promotion      
                            if you have a page with more than 20k followers then you don't need any of the SEO because your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page can  give you more traffic for you in the minimum interval of time 
             You can lots make your short videos for each of your blogs and post it on youtube and can get more attractive ways for the traffic  with short advertisement and it has a really good impression  on your blog 

Write  Long blogs

                                    You can also bring more traffic by the way to write a blog of more than 700 words each of your blog, this brings your blog more ranked through search engine optimization. Google promotes the blogs of more content articles to the top of the Google first Page.

Create Backlinks

                                      Yes, you can easily Rank your blog post by first searching the related question in Quora and then answering a quality answer with linking your article link at the end or beginning of the answer. where quora prefer the blogs and is a primary house of  free guest posts and create your backlinks and also Ranks your article
I will suggest you to make your wiki backlinks for your sites to grow more traffic for your blog.

                            if you people still have any query about the SEO and generating your traffic, you can comment on your question below in the comment section. I will surely solve your problems.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

How to Earn with Facebook in Pakistan 2018

How to earn from facebook in pakistan

Facebook is a worldwide most perfect social media and broadcasting route that has almost  100M users and it was launched in 2004 for just the communication purposes. now it has passed 14 years in this February and it has given the platform for all kind of advertisers  like Filmmaking, drama, shootings, songs, Business promotions, shopping, events organizers and many more to earn and make passive earnings from social media too
  here I will tell you two ways how to earn from Facebook in Pakistan in 2018 with the help of your own personal website.

1. URL shortening Job 
 Facebook  gives you the platform to earn from the URL shortening websites where you can get $100 per day from copy-paste  job on a daily basis and  you can earn up to $3000 monthly without having  any specified skills 
            if you want to work your deep patient, you can also start this job simply by signing in through this below site 

Sign in To ShrikEarn

2. Post Promotions
The New feature by the Facebook company is the easy to promote your organization and Business  and earn on Facebook like other sites have since a dozen of years Like youtube Earning, Blogging, CLIXSENSE, Digital Marketing, Upwork  and many more
Now Facebook  has launched its own business platform that made its users access to get  their pockets to fulfill with dollars
So Today I will guide you step.p by step
                      HOW TO CREATE ADS 
You should have an attractive product  for sale along with a good decent and attractive post that attracts the audience to get into your Facebook post
Step 1 in order to start your own business, you must have a well-known platform  where you have  Jobs, products Offers, courses, or property where you want to get your customers to get attract the people form your area, place, province or any other county
Step 2
Now go to the facebook and click on create ads, you will see a new window appear of layout other than facebook. here Facebook allows you to make ads of your choice that will be paid ads for you which you will share with your audience on social media 

step 3
Now make sure that which category you want to work On;
like videos, posts, blogs, jobs, clothing, entertainment, News
step 4
Now make sure that there are some steps that you want to pass On. Like
Create Ads for the Advertising
Upload Video for the  Increase the video views
upload a URL of your Blog to get some more traffic
Give the Ad for the Catalogue sales for your products
the billings can be made with your billing account either that is Paypal, Visa Credit Card or Debit Card. You can easily set you the amount  for your ads and get  a good reward for your  traffic if you want to have many visitors or video views and page visitors and you can also get more followers with this trick for your blog or ads

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